The Charlotte Community of Mindfulness appreciates donations to cover expenses. There is no charge to participate, but a box is available for those who wish to support the Sangha financially through the practice of generosity, the Dana Paramita. Paramitas are practices to cultivate on the path of awakening. Dana is giving with “open heart, open arms, and an open mind” according to your ability.

Our Sangha expenses include:

When a Dharmacharya (teacher) gives a talk or leads an event, all dana collected that day is given to the teacher.

Your generosity helps our Sangha practice. If you would like to contribute, please place your donation in the Dana box in our room, or mail it to:

CCM, c/o Cipriano-de Best, 5500 Holyoke Ln., Charlotte, NC 28226-6897.

Checks or money orders should be payable to Charlotte Community of Mindfulness. CCM is a 501(c)(3) non profit and donations are tax-deductible.